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And PangPang, the rule-breaking fat pug

Minky, is a term of endearment. "You're such a HOT LITTLE MINKY", I was told by my significant other... early on and ever since, in now a 15-year relationship. 

Minky(me) lives at the Jersey Shore & knows humor. Yes, I did stand-up comedy, (I also was a competitive bodybuilder). But I always was and am a comedian in all areas of my life. Humor is my drug and laughter is the side effect. It's my common denominator in everything I do. 

I know, for me, that the #1 rule in becoming more likable through humor, is to be self-deprecating {somewhat} AND to break a rule or two. A "rule breaker" is often admired by the "sheeple" who are yearning for change and escape. But they (rule breakers) can also be unemployed. I did it (broke the rules) with permission of my peers and created magnetism. (Everyone wanted to sit next to me, 'cause they new I was going to be fun. Until I wasn't fun. I was written up.)

Even though, I have a formal education and training (degrees, licenses & certifications) and over 30 years of experience in educating & communicating with adults, providing care to seniors, performing live presentations, fitness training and weight loss consulting and dropping the "f-bomb" occasionally (yet never loud enough while teaching)... this is what I live for... compliments like this...


I just got the best compliment ever from my last class of adult learners, "Ms. Lori you're so funny! I learned more from you in these past 3 weeks; than the whole semester with _______".

What can I say, when folks laugh; they listen.

Meet Minky, the Humor Coach

Lori 'Minky' Radcliffe, IAM, MOR, FUN

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